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Your Advantages

The management software makes many tasks easier for you in your daily center life!


Data collection is quick thanks to one-click buttons and they allow a high degree of clarity and ensure uniform operation.

Individual management

You can easily assign different tasks to your employees by user rights and function control no matter if at reception only the input of customer data are to be ensured or if the cetner manager shall have full access to all data. So you can make sure that your data cannot be misused internally.


Nautixx offers some interfaces that you can integrate into your website so that you can be more easily available to your customers. The booking system works self-sufficiently and new customers can easily register - their data, of course, are available in Nautixx. With the help of the rental system your customers can - via your website - have access to your rental pool and make reservation independently.
The speedcup - so very beloved by customers - can easily be integrated into your website with the speedcup list.


With the help of instructions and help pages the usage/handling of Nautixx can easily be learned. Most sequences of events are practically structured and are logically comprehensible.


Various filters enable you to call up many statistical data in list form in the simplest and fastest way, e.g. which boat has cost me how much in what time? Comprehensive evaluations of the whatever collected data are presented in diagrams and thus provide you with a high degree of claritys.


Safeguarding your data by automatic backups in short intervals directly from our web server in a high availability data center. The access to Nautixx is protected by means of double safeguarding: your data can be viewed only by you and your employees.


Forget tedious long searching; take for example the search for license numbers: with Nautixx it only takes seconds! Besides, all entered data are quickly available. And when you want to do up your data, export each list view to Excel!

Data Transfer

Just transfer your old data. With Nautixx it is no problem to import Excel data sheets. And if the data import should not work we will instantly ensure that Nautixx will do it!

All in all, Nautixx is the ideal solution for your water sports center!