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Survey of the program features

Customer module

  • List of regular customers with addresses, history, time recording, course recording etc.
  • easy filter- and search functions
  • Management of customer licenses (VDWS, IKO, etc) and print function via pdf
  • Customer registration can be printed as pdf document (liability, contract/agreement etc.) and can be customized individually to your business! (pattern in form of a pdf document)
  • ...

Equipment module

  • Sailing, wind surfing, kiting, surfing and SUP plus equipment such as neoprene, lifejackets, harness
    (can be expanded according to wishes of customers)
  • Overall view of material
  • Lists of spare parts in your store with debit/credit, repair lists, order lists and price lists of your dealer
  • Used spare parts selectable directly via the respective sports equipment - thereby valuable evaluation is possible.
  • ...

Speed cup module

  • Recording of race data including GPX-data (GPS) and photos
  • Generation of certificates (individual certificate as model/draft in pdf format)

Statistics module

  • Recording of statistical data (wind speed, boat hours, surf hours, etc)
  • Diagrams of raised data

Renting module

  • Virtual rental board (also available for customers via your website)
  • Quick application of rental hours including availability check of equipment in real time
  • Recording of hours spent in the customer's history (e.g. hours sailed)
  • Analysis of utilization of equipment (boats, surf boards, etc,)

Event module

  • Virtual weekly schedule (also available for customers via your website)
  • Course schedule for your station, plans for instructors (for announcements), publication of your programs on your website
  • Quick recording of new events/courses including recording of instructors and equipment
  • Commission invoice for instructors, benefit analysis of equipment

Master data

  • Master data of your station (addresses, VAT, functions, bills, etc.)
  • Master data of instructors/users (addresses, instructor numbers, Nautixx functions, etc.)
  • Rights management for user
  • Master data for licenses ( VDWS certificates are deposited)
  • Master data of courses (invoice, rental module, event module)
  • Turnover (manual or via external POS)
  • Assessment of your station (according to questioning of customers)
  • Evaluation in diagrams (turnover, repairs, licenses, evaluation, statistics, rental)
  • Reporting in pdf form (daily- weekly- yearly report, can be arranged individually)
  • Import functions of csv and sql data for many master data (customers, equipment, hours, courses, etc.) enable you a quick change of your present solution to Nautixx without loss of data!
  • Storage of user activities in order to verify events
  • Support page for easy contact with our support team
  • ...